Project Description



Tell your story to an ever growing mobile audience with the level of confidence and visibility that your brand requires.

In a culture of content consumption, its imperative to differentiate your brand and maintain the attention of your target audience in order to set yourself apart from your competitors and give your message staying power.

By combining our visualization expertise with our app design and development capabilities, we create a variety of fully-integrated marketing platforms that engage the user and retain their interest through exploration.

Encouraging your audience to be an active participant allows your unique branding message to not only be received but absorbed  by your potential consumers 24/7 –  all with the convenience of a click.



The city of San Jose needed a website where event planners and attendees could engage with the new and improved convention center. In addition to an overview of the building and its features, the client wanted the building’s context and location to be communicated.


To meet this challenge, we designed and developed a tablet-enabled interactive application that integrates with Google Maps. Not only does the app showcase the current and future capacity of the convention center, but it also works as an information hub, illustrating the convention center’s location and its relationship to nearby attractions and accommodations.



Working in twelve market sectors, Capstone Turbine Corporation® needed a way to easily tailor their story to their shareholders and prospective customers through a wide range of platforms – including web, mobile, and trade show kiosks.


We created Capstone World, a mobile and desktop app that serves two purposes. The first is to visually represent the twelve markets of Capstone, allowing the user to dive into areas of interest in a nonlinear fashion. The second is an interactive calculator that computes potential energy cost savings when utilizing Capstone’s technology. The app was well received at Power Gen International, and the sales and marketing team has benefited from using a adaptable presentation tool to explain Capstone’s advantage to prospective buyers.



During construction, Second and Delaware  needed a marketing tool that would communicate its offerings, engage prospective tenants, and facilitate early leasing.


In addition to designing  a web-based property overview, we created a feature to  provide future residents  with personalized content based on their needs.

By specifying their preferences, the user is able to find their optimal apartment and then view a 360° panorama and floorplan  of their chosen unit. They are then able to begin the application process for that specific unit and seamlessly initiate contact with the community representatives.