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Cordish, One Light | Promotional Video For The Residential Apartments

Show the Lifestyle: Allow your prospects to picture themselves living in your project. By mixing both live action footage of the surrounding community with computer animation we help you show the lifestyle of your project. Our virtual tours convey all of the details of your design in clear, emotionally compelling images.

Achieve Sales Goals Faster: When asked to choose a senior living community, many prospects struggle to understand exactly what the community will look like. These answered questions can drag out the pre-construction sales period unnecessarily. Our virtual photographs and lifestyle videos show prospects exactly what your community will look like, which in turn helps them commit to your project.

Reduce Perceived Risk: When presenting your project to prospects, show them exactly what their home will look like. Most people are not so much afraid of change as they are the unknown. The high quality presentation alludes to the care and attention your development team will give to the construction of the actual building.

Arnold Development – Second & Delaware, Kansas City
Cordish – One Light, Kansas City
Arnold Development – Second & Delaware, Kansas City
The Tradition – Lovers Lane, Dallas
Arnold Development – Second & Delaware, Kansas City
Arnold Development – Second & Delaware, Kansas City

Greenbriar Development – Sinai Residences

Greystone Communities – Farms at Bailey Station, TN
Perkins Eastman Architects – Morselife Tower