Project Description



Provide your clients with a memorable experience that makes them feel like they are right inside the new design.

The potential of a space or product can’t always be exposed by words or imagery, sometimes we have to experience it. Until recently, that meant waiting until the building or physical prototype was finished.

That is no longer the case with Virtual Reality. By designing a fully-immersive interactive experience, we provide an outstanding way to tell a story and engage the user in the most impactful way.

The resulting emotional footprint is ultimately translated into an increased affinity between the user and the space, creating a bridge that can convey a unique experience and leave long lasting memories.



While developing Sterling Northgate, the Dinerstein Companies needed an array of promotional material that could differentiate their living community within the very competitive student housing Market of the Texas AM University.


To give them a marketing edge, we designed and developed two types of virtual reality experiences based on their needs and target audience. In addition to creating a mobile headset platform for street-marketing near the College Campus, we provided an even more immersive option for the Sterling Northgate showroom. The showroom platform allows the user to not only explore the property but also play yard games in Northgate’s future courtyard.